COMBAT/Next Level Wraps up Competitive Year

COMBAT/Next Level Men’s 55 Major Plus Senior Softball team recently wrapped up their 2015 season after an impressive year. The team comprised of players from all over the country, including COMBAT Promo Team member Bobby Nifong, competed in tournaments in Georgia, South Carolina, Nevada, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Led by Tony Perry, who won the National Coach of the Year in The Softball Players Association (SPA), COMBAT/Next Level includes many SPA All-Americans such as Paco Bogue, Michael Massey, Baer Chandler, Bobby Nifong, Tony Perry, Gene Lewis, Emory Vandiver and Edgar Sanders.


“These guys prove it every time they take the field – age is just a number,” said Coach Tony Perry. “It’s refreshing to see that passion for sports can continue to drive players to compete, have fun and enjoy something that they love to do.”


The team credits their success to an aggressive 5 man defensive infield along with a ground covering 3 man outfield. This team’s strength was a great offense backed by Combat’s 2015-2016 line of bats including the Swing Nifong, named after member, Bobby Nifong.  For a look at the Swing Nifong from COMBAT click here:


“All of this would never be possible if we didn’t have the support and passion that we get every day from COMBAT’s Don “Coop” Cooper and Johnny McCraw,” said Bobby Nifong. “Their positive attitude and leadership go a long way in fueling us old guys to get out there and keep playing this game we love.”


“Combat/Next Level had an incredible year and never cease to amaze me,” said Don Cooper, Director of Sales and Marketing at COMBAT.  “We are proud to partner with this group of dedicated, enthusiastic and talented men.”


The recorded the following victories:


SPA World Championships 2015 Major Plus 55’s Div. champions (Dalton, Ga)

ISSA Senior World Cup Championships 2015 Major Plus 55’s Div. champions (Salem, Va)

SSUSA Eastern National Champions 2015 Major Plus 50’s-55’s Div. (Raleigh, NC)

ISSA NIT Championships 2015 Major Plus 55’s Div. Champions (Myrtle Beach, SC)

SPA National Invitational 2015 Major Plus 55’s Div. Champions (Cartersville, Ga)

ISSA Spring Nationals 2015 Major 50s-55s Div. Champions (Charlotte, NC)

SSUSA Raleigh National Qualifier 2015 Major Plus 50’s-55’s Div. Champions.(Raleigh, NC)

ISSA World Championship 2015 Major 55’s Div. 2nd Place

BSC Worlds Championship 2015 Major 50’s Div. 2nd place of 14 teams. (Columbus, Ga.)

SSUSA World in Las Vegas 2015 Major Plus 55’s 4th Place out of 10 teams. (Las Vegas, NV)



The Softball Players Association (SPA) was established in 1992, in Chattanooga, Tennessee by Herb and Yvonne Oliver. At that time, there were only two Senior Softball organizations in America. The sport was growing and was in desperate need of additional resources. The opportunities for teams to play on a regional and national level needed to be expanded. S.P.A. was an organization driven by players and managers who were looking for new and exciting ways to play the game. One of S.P.A.’s goals was to maintain the honesty and integrity of the game. S.P.A. also wanted to give the teams the opportunity to play closer to home. Therefore, consideration was given to geographically rotating of its National Championships.